Especially for Teachers

  • Math Giraffe says that "Blending creativity into analytical, logic-based math classes leads to ​increased focus, stronger learning, and a boost in retention." It offers "ideas, insights, resources, and teaching materials to guide you in teaching math more creatively!" Of special interest are her doodle notes®, a visual note-taking strategy based on modern brain science. Her materials are very well-done — I wish I'd had access to them when I was a classroom teacher.
  • I found Math Giraffe on Teachers Pay Teachers, which calls itself "the World's Most Popular Online Marketplace for Original Educational Resources". If your class materials make other teachers drool, set up your own shop on TPT. If you need just the activity for Pi Day or a card sort about quadratic equations, chances are you can find one you'll like. Offerings range from one-page activities to bundles of resources for entire courses. Many sellers offer free items so you can judge the quality of their work. Search on whatever terms you like; limit search results by subject, grade level, and/or price; and sort by rating, price, most recent, etc. You can even create a ClassFund page where people can donate to your TpT account to help you buy materials for your classes!

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