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Alie Benson

Learning and helping others learn is a life passion for me. Students find my enthusiasm contagious, and often say that I have a knack for explaining complicated concepts in a simple way. When I was a classroom teacher, some students tried to arrange their schedules so they could take their next courses from me.

I approach my students with respect, patience, caring, and a playful sense of humor. The fun I have teaching helps students have fun learning. Besides subject knowledge, I offer tips on how to work with your own style and strengths and weaknesses, how to study, and how to take tests and minimize test anxiety.

As a tutor, I continually seek to understand how my students are thinking and how I can help them improve. I am a life-time learner, always honing my craft and always on the lookout for new insights to share with others. 

I hope you’ll try my online tutoring service and let me help you or your student reach your goals!


Alie Benson, M.S.



I had failed my college algebra course multiple times before I had Alie tutor me.  She taught me how to study and she worked hard to figure out my exact learning style and help use that to my advantage. Rather than just learning Math, I learned how to learn which ultimately led me to succeed in math for the first time! 
~ a college student 

Higher-level math was very confusing and inefficient for me. Problems didn't make sense and it took me ages to finish a problem. Mrs. Benson gave me the resources and encouragement to understand calculus and finish hard problems quickly and pain free. The way she described math and taught according to an individual's way of learning gave me the power to pass calculus with a solid "A."
~ a new high school graduate

Alie was always on time and tutored our son for over two years. She combined great help and knowledge with a little humor and, at times, suitably pointed comments and suggestions. She also encouraged him in other subjects and urged him to be prepared for tests and pop quizzes. We are certain that our son achieved far more than he would have alone.
~ father of student quoted above

"Alie is very flexible in her teaching methods. If a student doesn't understand what she's trying to get across, she can tell ... and will give [them] a different perspective on the topic."

“Alie is an excellent teacher. She explains the material very well — better than any teacher I’ve ever had. She knows her material and she is able to teach it to the students very well.”

“Explaining thought processes and methods ... helped a lot. She encourages us to think, not just plug in formulas.”

“Alie encourages us to understand a formula instead of simply memorizing it. [She] is the best teacher I’ve ever had!”